Why our building codes have to change.

I’ve heard smart people argue over who will bear the cost of the new 2015 energy codes being adopted across the USA. We have two choices in the St Louis area:We can pay for them, and their health and safety benefits, by embedding them at the lowest and earliest cost - when homes are being built. Or, we can fail to adopt the 2015 ICC energy codes and pay a much higher health care, energy and environmental price tag downstream.
Many people do not realize the damage done to buildings and people by outdated codes and practices.Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is caused by living in tight, poorly ventilated homes with a high content of man-made chemical-based building materials. This includes most homes built in the last 30 years. Research now shows that the off-gassing of these materials contribute to endocrine disruption, auto-immune disorder, allergies, cancer, autism and possibly Alzheimer’s, on a scale no one saw coming.Childhood asthma, as an example, has skyrocketed in recent years as th…